This past weekend I worked the West Palm Beach Yacht Show. I was showing an 80ft. Merritt, which is a sport fishing boat... hmm 80 feet... so I should say yacht! Anyways, it was a full weekend of people on and off the boat, giving out information, and meeting people from across the United States. Sunday was the last day of the show and people were starting to clear out. I thought my day was basically done *UNTIL* a certain someone came aboard...I knew exactly who he was. I mean, I did grow up on country music. haha. The sunglasses and baseball cap could not fool me (but you still go back and forth in you mind 'Is it? No, Couldn't be..  but  it does look just like him.. nahh.. wait, yeah?') Another man was introducing himself, Alan (YES! It is him. This is not a coincidence.) along with the Capt. and Mate (yes, my boat lingo is getting stronger the more I work these boat shows.) I contained my shock and continued on, like I did with the other guest that viewed my boat. Once inside the boat I was asked the basic questions when getting to know someone...

"I am from North Carolina. I am now an on-air radio personality for the country station, Gator 107.9 out of Myrtle Beach, SC...."

"Oh, so do you know Alan Jackson?" one of the guys asked.

"Well...... Yeah.." while I turned and pointed to him. 

He started laughing and simply said "Well, I never know anymore. Country has changed a little bit since I was around." 

In all honesty, he hasn't gone anywhere! Am I right?! 

The conversation continued and they stayed on the boat for awhile longer, looking around and taking notes. Not only did I get to meet him, but I also may have shown him the boat he buys! Either way, it was a pretty awesome way to end my weekend at the boat show!