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CCMF Battle Of The Bands!

Adam is from the home of - SIG-R-ETTEESSS - Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He spent his summers in Myrtle Beach as a kid and was thrilled to have the opportunity to come work in town! Adam lives in Carolina Forest with his two manly dogs, Grayson and Jordan. Apart from doing various character voices and delivering his cynical opinions on everything Zac and Beth have to say, Adam's number one goal is to make you laugh! Hear him every morning from 6-10 am on 107.9 The Gator. James, on the other hand... though he seems uneducated he did graduate from William Henry Harrison High School in Evansville, Indiana in 2002. What he may not tell you is that his GPA was so low they didn’t accept him into the local community college. So with life looking done at the age of 18 he went to work at Arby’s, frequently pocketing chicken sandwiches to keep from going hungry. He eventually attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2007 and started a career shortly after in radio. Now he stays in Myrtle Beach, lives off of Ramen Noodles, beef jerky, cheap whiskey and goofs off with Adam 6-10am weekdays on Gator 107.9! Now things are looking up, and he’s almost out of poverty.


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