Myrtle Beach Bike Week History

1938 - Myrtle Beach officially becomes a town. The rally would follow soon after.

1940 - The first Harley-Davidson Week is held in Myrtle Beach.

1996 - Suck, Bang, Blow opens up its doors for bikers, quickly becoming a staple in the biker community and a centerpiece for the rally.

1999 - Harley-Davidson opens its first store in Myrtle Beach, much to the delight of bikers.

2001 - Harley-Davidson opens a second store in North Myrtle Beach shortly after seeing the success of the first. These two stores now serve as major points of interest during the week.

2008 - The city of Myrtle Beach enacts a mandatory helmet ordinance, which was met with derision and scorn from the biker community. Lawsuits were filed; rallies within city limits were either avoided or moved to locations outside the actual city of Myrtle Beach.  Rides were re-routed out of the city.

2010 - The South Carolina Supreme Court strikes down Myrtle Beach's mandatory helmet ordinance, citing state supremacy.

2013 - Myrtle Beach Speedway opens to bikers during the rallies, allowing bikers to ride their motorcycles on the track. 

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