Lowdown from Twangtown

Unstoppable!! That's Luke Combs right now... he hit FIVE new milestone certifications.

Last night in Nashville, Luke struck RIAA Platinum & Gold celebrating FIVE certifications for his reigning No. 1 debut album, This One’s For You.    

Joined by his songwriters, friends, industry guests and his label/management teams, Combs celebrated 'This One’s For You' earning Platinum certification and the project, which is the most streamed Country album of 2018, achieving more than 1 billion streams.


Eric Church’s Rolling Stone interview still has some people upset, and some others love him even more, or have become new fans. Kanye likes Donald Trump. The political arguments are as heated as ever with everyone having a voice and outlet on social media. In short, it’s pretty exhausting.

Chase Rice won Twitter yesterday with his tweet about it... 


In an interview with "People", BLAKE SHELTON talked about how his heroes have changed over time. 

And when you consider that he's gone through a very public, messy divorce, it's no surprise that the people who've been at his side during the tough times have reached hero status in his eyes.

Quote, "I find that as time goes by, my definition of a hero changes.  My heroes have started to become my good friends.  You start to find out, the older you get that a really good friend is a pretty rare thing to have in your life.

"I've gotta say that the handful of really close friends that I have, those are my heroes.  They're the ones that will just drop everything to be there for you if they need to be.  I hold them high."


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