Lowdown from Twangtown

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Last night, Florida Georgia Line stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden to play their Top 10-and-rising hit song, “Simple.”

The filter gives that classic feel to the performance, kind of mimicking their old-school music video for the song. 

Check it out:


ANGALEENA PRESLEY is due in January, so she'll be 42 when the baby arrives.  The pregnancy is kind of unexpected, and yet it's not.  She says, quote, "When I turned 40, my husband and I decided to put [it] in the hands of fate.

"A year and a half after we 'stopped being careful' we were blessed with two pink lines.  We were shocked and overjoyed."  And now that it's a reality, she's all in.  Quote, "I'm ready to rock being an older mom.  [We're] thrilled." 


If you believe in the power of prayer, RAELYNN could use your help.  Her service dog Jazz was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago and she's praying for a complete healing.  She posted her plea on Instagram, saying, quote, "I am beyond sad, but I truly believe in miracles."

Asking all of you to pray for my Jazz. He got diagnosed with Cancer 2 weeks ago. We removed it but it’s growing pretty fast. I’m praying for a complete healing in his body. He brings so much joy to me and Joshs life. I am beyond sad but I truly believe in miracles.

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Before SAM HUNT was, well, famous . . . he recorded a demo of Craig Morgan's "We'll Come Back Around".  Fortunately for us, somebody found it and unleashed it to the world.  It's pretty good and some people think he should record it again, and put it on an album.


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