Lowdown from Twangtown

Everybody has their struggles, even if they do a really good job of hiding it so you can’t tell.

In an interview with ABC News, Brett Eldredge opened up about his struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. He’s dealt with this issue most of his life which has made it difficult for his at time to enjoy his success.

Brett goes on to share that his anxiety would overcome him so much that it led him to a few emergency room visits. As Brett’s career started to take off, he knew this was something he was "going to have to overcome..."

Very interesting read, link to the entire ABC article right HERE.  

*Another huge help has been his dog, Edgar, who keeps Brett company and gets him outside more often.


Josh Turner posted this video to his Twitter…


SO, what does this mean?! Is Josh Turner announcing new music Friday? It seems like a likely conclusion!!

Just a guess though... 


Dustin Lynch's first performance as a bona fide member of the Grand Ole Opry was on Tuesday.  And Reba McEntire was there to induct him . . . 41 years and one day since she performed there for the first time.

Dustin had our favorite quote of the night in his induction speech, when he dedicated it to the hundreds of people BEHIND the scenes who made his career happen.

Quote, "There's a lot of guys and girls here that are responsible for getting our music heard, and getting our music played, and putting us in clothes, so we don't look like the idiots we are."

That's the kind of humility you only hear in country.  How many rock stars would admit that if it was left up to them, they'd end up dressing like us regular idiots?

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