Lowdown from Twangtown

Brett Eldredge posted a great clip where he's on stage dancing and singing with a cancer survivor. He saw her holding a sign that read, "Kickin' cancer's ass and tonight I'm fallin' in love to the beat of the music."

As you can see below, Brett captioned the post, "Samantha . . . you changed my life tonight with your heart and your smile. I cannot thank you enough for showing us all how to live. One thing's for sure, you are kicking cancer's ass and I love you."

Tyler Hubbard went to Africa and got a tattoo. Yes, he did a few other things, but that ink is impressive. It's an elephant and it occupies some serious real estate on his arm. He wrote, "Thanks @BunduTattoo for making this a special piece even if it was the longest session ever for the both of us."

(If you're interested in the other things he did in Africa, his Instagram page has more photos . . . including a clip of an impromptu performance below)

Other FGL news:                            

Florida Georgia Line is recording with Jason Aldean... Brian Kelley says, "So, on this next record we definitely have a few surprises and things that we're super excited about. Couple of collaborations one of them with our good buddies Jason Aldean and another one, I'm not going to ruin the whole surprise, but his name is Jason as well and may or may not be in a different genre. So, we're super excited to keep pushing the boundaries. 


Thomas Rhett Is Looking Forward To Helping Kelly Clarkson's Team On ''The Voice'' Tonight ... "I'd only met Kelly one other time honestly. And when she invited me to come on that show I was very honored because I've always been such a huge fan of Kelly. One of the most phenomenal, flawless voices that I've ever heard. Obviously her records are great, but even when you're just sitting in a room with Kelly and she just starts riffing to try to describe how she wants something to be sung and she looks at me and she's like, 'What do you think?' And I'm like, 'I think you just said it perfectly. I don't even know how to add to that." 

''The Voice'' airs tonight on NBC 

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