Lowdown from Twangtown

Brett Eldredge hit up social media last week to issue a "Flip-Phone Challenge."  You already know where this is going.  He's switching from a smart phone to a flip-phone . . . because he wants to "stay in the moment." 

He wrote that he's going to go back in time to 2002 when he got his first color flip-phone.  Quote, "I would carry it everywhere I went but never look at it to check the never ending 'Breaking News' or constantly compare my life to someone else's."

He was tired of being at dinner with friends and finding himself "halfway paying attention" to conversations.  Instead of talking or listening he'd be on his phone watching videos of people doing a triple back-flip or chugging a bottle of vodka.

Quote, "Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of amazing things about a smart phone, but I gotta take a moment to experiment and see what it's like to be here, RIGHT NOW, lost in the music and not in a screen."

Could go do it? Go back to the flip? Me... I don't think I'll try.... but good luck!! Lol


Jon Pardi was on Dierks Bentley's What the Hell Tour in 2017 and he's looking forward to the Burning Man Tour, which picks up next week.  He may even help Dierks' daughters Evie and Jordan work on their cowboy skills again.

Quote, "I love being on tour with Dierks.  He’s awesome.  His little girls are always, 'Hey, Jooooonnnn!' They're always excited to see me, which is super cute.  They tried roping again.  I brought the dummy out there for them, and it was a lot of fun."


Kane Brown has been social media silent for a bit now... well he's been on on vacation.

BUT... He’s back, and he’s covering the classic Michael Jackson hit “The Way You Make Me Feel” in what I imagine is a bathroom. Lots of the kids these days cover songs in bathroom for some reason? Is it the acoustics? They say it sounds better I guess. Anyway... this one is better. Check it out: 

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