Lowdown from Twangtown

Midland got pretty creative with their "Mr. Lonely" video. It starts with a fake old school "chat line" commercial with a pretty girl waiting for your call.

And then it cuts to a bunch of hot-looking cowgirls line dancing in some club. And if the club looks familiar, it's because they filmed it on the set of the Netflix show "The Ranch".

By the way, the fake commercial has a phone number that flashes on the screen . . . and if you call it you'll get asked if you want Midland tickets, merchandise . . . "or just some company."

The following performance is from way back in 2014, and it shows our guy Luke Combs singing a song that might be called “Family Tree”?

It's got the signature Luke Combs sound, delivery and of course a hook that grabs you and doesn’t ever let go.

The song is a take on being your own person – it's a nice reminder.

Over the weekend George Strait released his new album, Honky Tonk Time Machine. We've heard that there not a song to skip... not very surprising... however the very last song on the album stands out from all the rest.

The reason... well, it's George Strait and Willie Nelson on the same song in “Sing One With Willie.” In the song, Strait reflects on his career, but ponders why he never sang one with Willie.

“You just made my career,” George sings.

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