Lowdown from Twangtown

There's always a chance that Eric Church might show up unannounced to hang out with fans at his tour stops. He did it at his Gorge Amphitheater show in Washington. He posed for pics, played cornhole, and even handed out ticket upgrades. There's a video of it on his Instagram.

Luke Bryan wants you to know he's working on new music. Why else would he post a photo of himself in the studio wearing headphones while sitting in front of lyric sheets on a music stand?

Justin Moore's new album "Late Nights and Longnecks" drops tomorrow. It was originally going to come out in the spring . . . but he decided to wait.

He says, quote, "People asked me if I was disappointed about it being pushed back. And I was just the opposite. I did not want to put it out. There's so much that goes into getting an album out, and I just didn't think we were ready by that time."

Chris Young and Lauren Alaina released a black-and-white video of their song, "Town Ain't Big Enough". It's mostly clips of them in the studio while they were recording it.

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