Lowdown from Twangtown

Kip Moore's ongoing beef with ticket scalpers continues. He posted a now-deleted rant on Instagram tearing into them for doing what they do . . . which is buying up tickets and then re-selling them for a huge profit.

One of the scummy things they've been doing is signing up for his presale list as if they're fans, and then re-selling those tickets at triple the cost. They're even using new technology to worm their way in.

He said he's going to cancel all their [stuff] and "resell them back to the fans who want to be there."

The scalpers were most likely targeting Kip's Dive Bar Tour

Dolly Parton made a guest appearance this weekend at the Newport Folk Festival. One of the videos making the rounds is when she was joined by The Highwomen, Sheryl Crow, and several others for her classic, "9 to 5" ... pretty cool... everyone was so honored that they all did the "I am not worthy" bow at the very end.

New song by Old Dominion very Maroon 5ish...

We know OD can put out some catchy stuff... “Never Be Sorry” is their newest release, with lead singer Matthew Ramsay saying:

‘Never Be Sorry’ is about that unfortunate realization when sometimes you’re in a relationship that just wasn’t what you thought it was and also wasn’t what it used to be. It can be hard, sad, and frustrating, but also important to remember that you loved that person and shouldn’t be apologetic for loving them. Maybe it didn’t work out, but like the song says, you cannot be sorry for falling in love with that person. Remembering those details, and the good parts that made the relationship unique and special, is what keeps it alive in some way, forever in your heart.”

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