How Leaving Your Comfort Zone Can Often Times Be Very Rewarding!

Yesterday, I had to do something I had never done before. Moderate a meeting. Although the meeting was with a bunch of baseball executives from the Carolina League, I went in with no clue on how to manage this type of meeting. Honestly, when I was asked if I had ever moderated a meeting before, I lied. No, it wasn't the right thing to do, but I didn't want to let the importunity pass. Needless to say, it was awesome! The General Managers of each team, as well the Assistant General Managers couldn't have been more accommodating. We shared a mutual love of baseball, and that made it easier! Not only that, but once some of the managers started laughing, I found a groove, and it was all because of them. I guess the point is this....The next time you decide to put a ton of anxiety into a situation that you are walking into blindly, take a deep breath, realize that YOU DO belong, and that you have a purpose! You got this! Special shout-out to Ryan Moore, Kristin Call, and Geoff Lassiter for making me uncomfortable, and forcing me to do a good job!


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