Bri and Adam's Facebook Fan Page Showdown

Adam is notorious for thinking fan clubs are weird. So what happens when Bri and Adam make their own country music fan pages? Each will pick one artist to make a Facebook fan page for. They will have two weeks to build the page as much as they can, and at the end of the two weeks, one will be declared the winner! But where's the fun in that for you? Bri and Adam will be playing on behalf of one listener each for the chance at $200! To get entered to have them play for you, like and share the status linked below on the Gator Morning Show Facebook page!

Additional Rules:

  1. Bri and Adam will each be able to promote their Facebook page on the Gator Morning Show
  2. No other promotion through the Gator's social media pages, on air, or on personal social media
  3. Pages will go live Monday, 7/20 at 7:30 AM and the contest will end on Monday, 7/31 at 7:30 AM
  4. The listeners Bri and Adam are playing for can promote as much as they want on their own Facebook pages
  5. No using access to the artists as an advantage (conducting interviews, videos, exclusive content, etc)

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