Caroline Bryan Hilariously Models Past Halloween Costumes

Photo: Getty Images

Caroline Bryan hilariously proved that she’s a pro when it comes to picking out Halloween costumes. Caroline shared in a TikTok and a reel on Instagram — set, fittingly, to the Addams Family theme song — a blast from the past as she models old costumes, including everything from beloved TV characters to food.

“Going through old costumes…what should we be for Halloween this year?!” Caroline captioned her Halloween looks on her social media. Some of the best old costumes included Fred Flintstone, a pickle, an Oompa Loompa, a giant Pillsbury Doughboy and more. Caroline’s followers couldn’t help but laugh at the costumes, and drop a few fun suggestions for this year. Actress Melissa Peterman, for example, couldn’t pick just one costume when she commented on Instagram: “All of them. Like Joey wearing all of Chandlers clothes,” she wrote, referring, of course, to the classic Friends scene with Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

It should come as no surprise the the Bryan family would go all-out for Halloween, considering their other big holiday celebrations. Last year, Caroline started scheming for the annual “Pranksmas” tradition as early as August. During the holiday season, Caroline shared clips of her best pranks with her superstar husband Luke Bryan, her mother-in-law LeClaire Bryan and others. See her Halloween costumes here:

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