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Music Festival Survival Kit

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there's a huge music festival happening this weekend right here in Myrtle Beach! We've put together a little bit of a survival guide to help you have the best time!

1. Sunscreen

Talk about a necessity! If you get burnt on Friday, you're going to be miserable all the way until Sunday. Don't make this rookie mistake.

2. A Hat

Gotta keep cool and shade that face!

3. Band-aids

With so much fun happening everywhere on the festival grounds, you may get a blister or two!

4. Cheap Sunglasses

Now is not the time to break out your fancy shades. Just in case they get dropped, stepped on, lost, etc. you want to make sure it won't be a huge loss.

5. Portable Charger

You don't want your phone to die. You may miss the best festival moment of the weekend!

6. Hair ties

They're a must to stay cool! Whether that's tying up your hair or tying up a t-shirt!

7. Deodorant

Ideally you applied before you left the house, but you will get extra sweaty, so it can't hurt.

8. A Fun Towel

They've got all kinds of fun printed towels now, so pick one out to serve as your seat!

Got anything else to add? Let us know!

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