Six Reasons to be Glad College Football is Coming Back

It's almost Football Season, y'all! It is the best time of year, and I will hear no arguments about it. A few reasons just off the top of my head.

1. Tailgating

When my family tailgates at Clemson, it becomes a whole production. I'm talking television, grill, tablecloths, chairs, the whole nine yards. All in a parking lot at Clemson. It's a good time every time. Not to mention you always have post-game snacks too.

2. Fall is Coming

Can I get a hallelujah? I am about sick of this weather, so I'm excited that it's going to be cooler. The first game of the year can be brutal, but those November games when you're all bundled up? Major win.

3. Excuse to Stay Home

I'm all about having a reason to stay home all day and enjoy a lazy Saturday. So when your team has an away game you can't make it to, that's your reason to hang out at home in front of the television all day. Oh, you want to go shopping/to the movies/on a date? Sorry. Got plans.

4. Catching Up With Friends

We have sat with the same people at Clemson games for the last ten years or so. It seems like as long as I can remember. So I can't wait to see how big the boys have gotten, if shoulder surgery went well, etc. It's basically like a family reunion every fall.

5. Wearing Team Colors

Football season is the perfect excuse to only wear your team colors for the next few months. Catch me in orange and purple basically all season.

6. Football Food

Clemson has jumbo hot dogs. Way worth it for the upgrade. And popcorn. And nachos. And pizza. It's basically all junk food but the hike back to the car means that you've worked it off, so you don't even have to worry about the calories. Not to mention all the cheering. Football season is basically a diet.

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