7 Things To Do In The 2nd Most Romantic City In The US

Recently, a study came out that ranked Myrtle Beach as the second most romantic city in the United States. Living here, we can tend to forget that there are some really cute date ideas all along the Grand Strand, especially when it's the off season and there aren't any tourists.

1. Ripley's Aquarium

Did you know people actually do weekend getaways to go to aquariums and see animals? True story. We have one in our own backyard. Dive shows? Awesome. Sharks? Awesome. Getting to pet a sting ray? Awesome. Everything you need for an awesome date right there.

2. Helicopter Ride

You see those $20 helicopter rides advertised everywhere, and they're always buzzing around. But how cool is it to actually be able to take a helicopter ride over the beach? Not to mention in EVERY season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, somebody ends up in a helicopter. Why? Because it's romantic.

3. Beach Day

Plain and simple. Get in some bathing suits, head down to the beach, and enjoy some sunshine. In that study, most of the places in the top 25 were on beaches. So there's something to it.

4. Pelicans Game

Baseball games are one of my favorite dates. There's something going on, so there is something to focus on during any awkward silences. Not to mention there's food built in. Thirsty Thursday? Sign me up.

5. Dinner and a Movie

Hello, Market Common. They have so many good places to eat and wander around. And a movie theater too. Not to mention ice cream for post-movie dessert.

6. Putt-Putt Golf

You cannot drive five miles in this town without passing at least two places to play putt-putt. I actually think it's impossible. So whether you're up for pirates or dinosaurs, there's somewhere to play.

7. 810 Bowling and Billiards

Sure, the name only has bowling and billiards (both of which I am terrible at), but they also have some arcade games, maybe some live music, and always good food and drinks.

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