Lewis Capaldi Reacts to Niall Horan's New Song

In case you've been living under a rock, Niall Horan released a new song on Friday called "Nice to Meet Ya," and it's awesome. We had a world premiere on Mix 97.7 and played it every hour from 6 am until midnight. That's how much we love the song. I jammed out to it in the car all weekend. It's awesome.

Niall's buddy, Lewis Capaldi, had some nice words about it as well saying he has "heard the song, love it. Great song. Best song I've ever heard." But when it came to watching the video, Lewis had some other things to say about it.

It's very clear in the video that Niall is no longer our little blonde-haired, braces-wearing One Direction member. He's a full-on heart-throb. But he's always been my favorite member of One Direction, so I already called dibs. Sorry, girls.

WARNING: Do not watch with little ears around, as a true Scot, Lewis Capaldi uses some language. NSFW.

Now in case you haven't seen Niall's new music video for yourself and are wondering what exactly has Lewis in such a tizzy, here's Niall's video for some context. It has all the girls (and grandmas) falling for Niall all over again.

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