A Total Chick Book Set In My Favorite Town!

Florida State v Clemson

If you know me, it's no secret that my favorite place in the world is Clemson. I'm there pretty much every weekend in the fall for football games with my family.

One thing you might not know, however, is how much I love reading the book equivalent of chick flicks. They give me ALLLLLL the warm fuzzies.

So when you put the two together, I'm all in (get it?).

Tonya Gilreath Burris released a book called "October Gem" that puts the two together. Here's the summary:

"In college town, Clemson SC, where the locals are more focused on the football stats than her true identity, Bryson Kelley feels as if she’s found the perfect place to hide. Business is great and she is out of focus when it comes to the paparazzi’s lens. Then, one fall day, a stranger walks into her life and threatens to disrupt her private little world. Derkley James, an eternal optimist, and professional charmer has never faced a challenge he couldn’t conquer. That is until this wide-eyed woman with deep wounds and a secret past leaves his heart in a tangle. Could he be the one to break through the barriers of her heart and find the shining gem beneath? Will he prove himself innocent when her world crashes and all fingers point to him? In this hilarious, heart-warming story, October Gem paints a portrait of peace after pain and a true test of the greatest gift of all."

That has my name written all over it. You can purchase the book from Amazon here.

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