Target's Advent Calendars Are Coming!

Anyone who loves Target knows that you don't walk in with a list. You walk in and let Target tell you what you need. But sometimes, it comes straight to your newsfeed. Last night, the news of Target's Advent Calendars popped up in mine. Here's a quick rundown of the calendars from this year.

Target's Beauty Box Advent Calendar

This one has a random assortment of beauty items in it like dry shampoo, face mask, and hair oils. Their regular beauty boxes are awesome too, so I can't see this one not being amazing.

12-Piece Makeup Sponge Advent Calendar

I am definitely going to get this one. With one sponge running about $5, this whole box is only $10. Twice the price for twelve times the amount of beauty sponge-y goodness? Yes please.

Spa Advent Calendar Bath Set

This one has everything you could need for an at-home spa night. Bath salts, face mask, essential oils, body lotion, body mist. Basically you'll be the best smelling you've ever been.

12 Days of Dazzle Bath Bomb Advent Calendar

The holidays are stressful. And cold. What make both of those better? A hot bath. And what makes those better? A bath bomb. Not to mention they all have cool Christmas-y names like "Sugar Plum Parade" and "Peppermint Peace."

They go on sale November 3rd, and if they are sold out, I bought all of them.

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