The Small, Sweet Deeds Matter!

This morning, I talked about a post I saw on Facebook about a woman's husband who doesn't buy flowers or chocolates, but always lets her sit in the warm car while he pushes the grocery cart back to the store. She realized that it's the little things like getting to sit in the warm car that make her love her husband more, and the chocolates don't matter. So I asked our listeners what their significant other does that may seem small, but make a huge difference to them. Here are a few of my favorite answers (and some tips for you to keep your significant other happy):

"He always fixes my coffee. When I fix it, it's just not as good. But most important of all, he takes care of our family. He's something special." -Tammy

"My hubs consistently checks the upkeep on my car and I am so appreciative of him!" -Allyson

"Brings me coffee every morning in bed. it's the sweetest and really nice to get some coffee in before I get all three kids up." -Jennifer

"Make the best Sunday Morning breakfast. Gives me all of his love and is always there for me. Has taken my mom into our home and shows the patience of a said even when I can see he really wants to scream." -Sylvie

"Carries my handbag when we are out shopping (it's a little heavy), makes sure I don't have to carry anything (shopping bags, babies, or anything else) unless I absolutely have to and always makes sure my car is clean inside and out before I go shopping or girls night out." -April

"He makes sure our children have everything they could ever want BUT most importantly, he lets me control the thermostat." -Erica

"He set up our backyard like my grandpa used to have his with bird feeders and corn for squirrels so I could sit outside with my memories." -Amanda

"Puts gas in my car. He checks it weekly and I very rarely have to stop for gas. It makes me stile every time I see that FULL tank." -Kim

Lesson is: There are still some sweet guys out there, but these are happily taken.

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