The Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Launch

I have been one hundred percent into the Shane Dawson documentary series about the making of his collaboration with Jeffree Star. They have released five parts so far and I've watched every minute of all of them. The documentaries have covered everything from joking about doing a palette to the business side to creating the colors and packaging (the DRAMA there). The series has been incredibly real about the prices and what stands to be lost or gained in the launch of the collection... which happened today.

Throughout the series, Shane has shown some worry about not selling enough to make it worth Jeffree's while and failing someone who has quickly become one of his best friends. The opposite has happened. Kind of.

When they launched the collection on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website at 1 pm EST, it turns out that not all of the products loaded on the Shane Dawson collection page, causing the Mini Controversy palette to not even be listed there among other products. The volume of shoppers also crashed Shopify, the website that hosts the sales of Jeffree Star cosmetics products, along with other products like Yeezys and Kylie Cosmetics.

Many shoppers complained about the wait, only to then have the website crash on them, leaving customers frustrated, and Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star disappointed and frustrated right alongside them.

Overall, I understand shoppers' frustrations but I am so incredibly proud of Shane and Jeffree (along with Andrew) and everything they have done with the documentary series and this launch. You can't fault them for the things going wrong with the website. Shane was worried about selling enough product, not crashing the entire site. But I could not be happier for him with this being the case. You can find the products here (if there are any left).

You can also check out the documentary series here. Even if you aren't someone who enjoys makeup, it's a great watch to see what goes into the business side of things.

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