Bri's Guide to Being on "The Bachelor"

"The Bachelor" kicked off its 24th season last night on ABC with Peter Weber in the cockpit. I was personally a fan of Pilot Peter on "The Bachelorette," so I'm happy to see more of him this season. But some of these girls, I'm already out on. Knowing my luck (and the way that television works), they will probably be around for a while. Here are somethings that you should do, should you ever end up stepping out of the limo in front of the mansion.

  1. Avoid a gimmicky entrance. Leave the windmill suit, angel wings, and flight attendant gear at home. Please.
  2. Or don't. If you're showing up in a fancy old car, that's acceptable I guess.
  3. Know basic math. How many feet are in a mile? Not 30,000, girl. And don't listen to the girl beside you, either.
  4. Interrupt that girl taking all the time up. You gotta get your time in with the Bachelor too. Looking at Peter, I don't blame girls for wanting to take up all his time, but leave some for the other girls. (Cough cough Hannah Ann and Mykenna cough cough)
  5. Or don't. You could respect that Peter is a good guy and will get to everyone eventually and use some patience and manners (looking at all of you that claim to be from the South. Your mama is watching!).
  6. Don't be the one crying in the bathroom. Nobody likes that girl. Dry your eyes, make sure your mascara is still in place, and go back out there.
  7. Pack a personal steamer. Wrinkles happen in those dresses, especially packed in a suitcase (both you and the dress).

The bottom line is however you play it, people are going to like you or not like you. It is what it is. Be yourself. But I probably still won't like you. #TeamVictoriaP