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Who Are These Country Stars?!

1. Eileen Regina Twain Edwards

Eileen Twain didn't have the same ring to it when she moved to Nashville. So Shania was born.

2. Kenneth Eric Church

We will now be calling him Kenny. Kenny Church. Eric Church. Either way, it's not Springsteen. 

3. Samuel Timothy Smith

Thanks to his relationship with his father, Tim McGraw changed his name and adopted it to his stage name. 

4. Audrey Perry

Anyone heard of Samuel's wife, Audrey? Yep, that's Faith Hill. 

5. Robert James Richie

We all pretty much knew that Kid Rock wasn't his real name, but did you know it's actually Robert?

6. Rachael Woodward

The up-and-coming "God Made Girls" and "Love Triangle" singer, Raelynn, adopted a nickname from family and friends as her stage name. 

7. Gary Vernon Jr.

The lead vocalist for Rascal Flatts adopted the name thanks to an in-studio recording console. Yes, really. L for lead, and the brand, Vox, made up the Gary LeVox we know today. It doesn't hurt that LeVox means "the voice" in French. 

8. Thomas Luther Bryan

Yes, Luke Bryan is a lie. But it does roll off the tongue a little easier than Luther Bryan.

9. Randall Hank Williams

This one comes as a set. Hank Williams Jr's not a Jr. at all. His name is Randall Hank Williams, taking a page from his father's stage name. 

10. Hiram King Williams

That's right, Hank Williams Sr. is actually Hiram. He kept his last name and changed up the beginning to become the legend he is today. 

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