Things To Do With Kids At Home

With kids out of school for the rest of the month, and suggested time at home, it can be hard to find things for them to do and keep them entertained! We're here to help!

  1. Watch a movie they've never seen. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Disney +, VHS, DVD, there are plenty of options!
  2. Teach them a new skill! Change a tire, sew a button, how to do a load of laundry (that one may help you, too, though they might not like it).
  3. Do a jigsaw puzzle! Personally, I bought a couple more of them while I was out
  4. Have a dance party! Get the kids and yourself moving. You can always listen to the Gator on the iHeartRadio app or your smart home device.
  5. Do an arts and crafts project. Whether it's a drawing, painting, coloring, or cooking activity!
  6. Watch some educational television. SCETV is working to rearrange their schedule and provide a wide array of educational programming.
  7. Card games. Teach them to play anything from go fish and old maid to war or Blackjack.
  8. Do an indoor workout. Yoga in the living room floor, sit up competitions, see how many jumping jacks you can do in a row.
  9. Read for a while. Find everyone a book, grab some blankets and snacks, and settle in for a bit.
  10. Make dinner or a snack! Teach them how to make their favorite snack, bake a cake, or make dinner together.
  11. Break out the board games! Odds are you have a cabinet of board games that don't get used very often. Find one to play!
  12. Build a blanket fort. Blanket forts are the best. Hands down.
  13. Have a paper airplane competition. Who can make their paper airplane go the farthest?
  14. Create a play or movie. My siblings and I used to do this all the time.
  15. Hide and seek. One of the oldest, yet best indoor games.
  16. Have them teach you something! Whether it's a TikTok dance or something they learned in school last week.

What else are you doing with your kids?

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