Senior Shoutouts!

The Gator wants to help the Class of 2020 give a shout-out to the people that have made a difference to them! All you have to do is record a voice memo including your name and school, then give a shout-out to your favorite teacher, your team, whoever! Email it to and then wait to hear it on the Gator! Can't think of what to say? Follow this!

Hey this is ______ and I'm a senior at _________High School!  I'd like to say__________(this is your time here to say a message to whomever you'd like...shout out to a teacher, friends, give a senior quote, sports team, clubs, thank your parents, etc.)

For example: "Hey, this is Jerry and I'm senior at Carolina Forest High School! I want to say "what's up" to my soccer teammates and thank them for a great season! Also, shout out to my best friend in the world, Chris! Thanks for always being there for me!"

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